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Upcoming Classes

Discover our latest acting and drama classes that cater to all levels of experience. Join our community of passionate individuals and learn from the best in the business. Click below to register now!

Acting & Drama Classes
Beginner Poet Class
Beginning Poet (Acting I Class)

This workshop will focus on building confidence, instinct and introducing actors to the power of body and voice. The actor will also learn how to select the best material for monologues and scene-work as they progress in the craft. 


Under 14s will be placed in a YOUTH class on Sundays.

Singing & Dance
Advanced Poet (Acting II Class)

This class will further advance what actors have learned in Acting I with a focus on building a character for the film or stage, utilizing voice and physicality and the art of behavior. Further emphasis will be placed on assigning material that will stretch the actor and developing habits and approach to the process of telling a story.

Advanced Poet Class
Master Poet Class
The Poet Warriors (Master Class)

This class will focus on mastery of craft with an emphasis on going way beyond the Stanislavski model. Focus will be on material and character work that is extremely challenging and satisfying in a way that is utterly theatrical and surprising for those involved. This class is not for those who are willing to settle. This will push your limits into a world of discovery and joy.


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